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1 Keilor Road

Essendon VIC 3040  



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Lunch Menu

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$18 Lunch Specials Mon - Fri



Roast with vegetables $8.50

Mini Pizza $8.50

hawaiian or margarita

Spaghetti Bolognaise $8.50

Grilled or Battered Fish & Chips $8.50

Chicken Schnitzel $8.50

Chicken Parmiagiana $8.50


Ice Cream complimentary with choice of topping


See Dessert Menu $8.50


Garlic Bread $8.50

turkish pide bread baked in the oven

Garlic bread with Cheese $9.50


diced tomato, red onion, basil & olive oil


Soup of the Day $8.50

see specials board

Treble Dips $15.90

3 house made dips served with grilled pita bread

Chicken Satay $15.90

3 skewered Chicken tenders with satay sauce sauce 

Salt and Pepper Calamari $15.90

served with tartare sauce & lemon wedge

Saganaki $13.90

grilled with caramelized fig

Minted Pea Arancini $12.90

Balls of aborio rice filled with fresh peas, mozzarella, garlic, shallots & Mint



Garden Salad $3.50

Steamed Vegetables $8.50

Bowl of Chips $6.50

Potato Wedges with sour cream & sweet chilli $8.50


Caesar Salad

traditional $19.50

with grilled chicken $23.50

 Cajun Chicken Salad $25.90

marinated chicken breast chargrilled with beetroot, fetta and orange segments


Pumpkin Ravioli $15.90 / $24.90

with toasted cauliflower, roasted capsicum and basil

Vegetarian Pizza $18.90

with roasted vegetables, tomato & pumpkin

Vegetable Lasagne $22.90

layers of fresh vegetables with baked lasagne sheets

Aromatic Garden Burger $18.90

Rustic mix of broad beans, peas, potato & spinach with aromatic spices



Fish of the Day

Market Price

Salt and Pepper Calamari $24.50

with chips & house made tartar sauce

Atlantic Salmon Fillet $28.90

with Quinoa and Chimichurri dressing

Grilled or beer battered Barramundi fillet $26.50

Soft Shell Crab $25.90

Asian spiced batter mix & chipolte mayo

PIZZA / Pasta / Risotto

Choose your pasta: Spaghetti - Penne - Linguini

Pasta Bolognese $12.90 / $18.90

Pasta Carbonara $13.90 / $21.90

Gourmet Pizza $21.00

Prosciutto, Boconcini cheese, rocket, tomato & parmesan

Meat Lasagne $14.50 / $23.50

house made traditional meat

Duck Risotto $26.50

with mushrooms, julienne snow peas

Chicken, Mushroom and Spinach risotto $24.90

Vegetarian Pizza $18.90

with roasted vegetables, tomato & pumpkin


Roast of the Day $21.00

see Specials Board

Open Lamb Souvlaki $22.00

Tender roasted lamb served with greek salad & litta bread

Pork Cutlet of the Day

see Specials Board

Pie of the Day See Board

see Specials Board

Mongolian Beef Stir Fry $28.90

Beef Burger $18.90

Lettuce, tomato, bacon, caramalised onion, egg, cheese & homemade coleslaw

Certified Black Angus: 

Rump Steak 400g $34.90

Porterhouse Steak 300g $33.50

Choose from our Selection of Sauces:

Gravy, Mushroom, Pepper, Garlic Butter

Poultry & VEal

Duck of the Day

see Specials Board

Chicken Satay $23.90

5 skewered Chicken tenders with satay sauce and jasmine rice

Chicken Parmigiana $23.90

Napoli, Virginia ham and Shredded mozzarella

Chicken Mediterranean $25.90

Kiev cut chicken filled with sun dried tomato, bocconcini and basil. Served with mash potato

Thai Green Chicken Curry Stir Fry $26.90

served with jasmine rice

Veal Scallopini $26.90

Pan fried veal with mushroom, white wine and cream

Chicken Schnitzel Roll $24.90

served in a garlic Turkish pide roll